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Club History

Spokane Country Club was founded in 1898, with its first clubhouse located at 14th and Perry. Membership fees were $5. As the growth of the city started to encroach upon the club, renowned architect K.K. Cutter was hired to design the second clubhouse, which was built farther south, where Hart Field is located today. The new facility burned down in 1908. The Club searched for another location, and purchased a piece of land nestled along the Little Spokane River in 1910, site of the current facilities. The new location offered the natural beauty that we still enjoy today. In clearing the land for the construction of the golf course, rocks taken mostly from the 16th fairway, were used to build the distinctive pillars and walls that are an important part of our landscape.

Spokane extended north to Garland Street in those days, with the new Club location many miles beyond. Because of this distance and the scarcity of automobiles, the Club lost many members after this move. On weekends, the club operated a jitney to transport members from town. The first clubhouse built at this location had guest rooms where members could spend the night and offered quarters for the staff. That clubhouse burnt to the ground in 1946. Many members, including Bing Crosby, donated money to build the current clubhouse on the site. Over the past 60 years, many additions and changes have been made in the clubhouse and facilities to meet the changing demands of the membership.

Kirkland K Cutter

The hand of K. K. Cutter has designed many of the handsome residences and substantial business blocks in Spokane Falls. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on the 20th of August, 1860, and received his education there at Brooks' Military Academy. For five years he devoted his time to the study of art and architecture in the principal cities of America and Europe. The Knowledge in these branches received there enabled him to accomplish much in the artistic and architectural sphere.

In 1886 he came to Spokane Falls and held a position in the First National Bank until one year subsequent, when he established himself as an architect. The artistic taste displayed in many of the luxurious homes of our millionares is due to his superior talent. Some of the interior decorations of the homes of our residents as illustrated in this souvenir were designed by him.

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